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Cabanas complete backyard retreats and provide a cozy area for entertaining, relaxing, or changing clothes after pool time. If you’re on the lookout for fashionable, affordable, and lasting cabana shutters, look no further than Shutter Pros.

providing roll-up shutter solutions in Canada

Shutter Pros Offer Rolling Cabana Security Shutter Installation

About Cabana Shutters

Cabanas provide excellent shelter if there’s no shady area to sit in your backyard during hot summer days. But while the nice weather is the perfect time to spend time outdoors, it’s important to protect your investment once the cold and rainy season comes. There’s no better way to do so than by installing security shutters.

How Shutter Pros Can Help

Shutter Pros offer plenty of colour, design, material, and installation methods. Here is why Toronto and Ontario residents trust us for cabana shutter installation.

Durable, First-Grade Material

Shutter Pro offers durable shutters for every pool house. Durability is the most important factor in ensuring cabana security, and our solutions don’t fail to deliver. Made of sturdy materials, they serve as a solid barrier against thieves and intruders.
You want sturdy shutters that can sustain wind, storms, and changing temperatures all year round. Our solutions make sure your pool house and the items inside will be safe from all weather conditions.

Customer Reviews

"Excellent company, quality product. Customer service was great and all my questions were answered. Great price for quality custom shutters."
"Great team! Dan was his team did a great job at at replacing our old garage door with a roll up shutter garage door in Markham."
"Good company to contact if you need any roll up shutter garage work done! The estimator was very knowledgeable and provided us with all the information."

Custom-Made Solutions

Once you have an idea of the design, we get together and discuss your preferences. We always have different options at hand in case you’re hesitant about your choice. And whatever your size or colour needs – we will be sure to deliver.

A Breeze to Operate

One of the best things about our cabana shutters is that they’re so easy to operate. Need to take a break from the pool area? Just close the shutters quickly and get going. A storm comes your way out of the blue? Protect your belongings and the cabana space in a moment.

Low-Maintenance Shutters

The last thing you need when investing in a shutter is additional maintenance worries. As if taking care of other parts of your household isn’t tiring enough. Thanks to durable, high-end materials, our security cabana shutters require very little maintenance.
Cleaning the shutters only takes a matter of minutes. And our staff is always here to advise you on the best approach to keep your shutters in perfect shape all year round.

Roll Up Cabana Gallery

Roll Up Shutters. Reliable. Durable. Stylish.

If you’re like most people, you keep a range of dishware, rugs, artwork, or furniture in your pool house. Thanks to Shutter Pros cabana shutters, you can keep just about anything inside, knowing that it is stored in a secure place. You’ll want this kind of security whenever you and the family are on vacation every year.

Roll Up Order Process


Let us know your project requirements and required sizes.



We will provide you with a written estimate and project timeline.


Shutter Installation

Professional roll up shutter installation.

The Shutter Pros Your Trusted Cabana Security Shutter Experts

Shutter Pros has years of experience in installing various types of cabana shutters. We offer a wide range of installation designs and options. If you’re interested in our services or have special preferences when it comes to your next cabana shutter installation, give us a call or contact one of our agents online. We’re always ready to help!

Canada Shutter Pros

Benefits of Installing Roll Up Shutters

Installing roll up shutters hardly has any downsides whatsoever. So much so that in many countries abroad, rolling shutters are an essential item most future homeowners insist on before buying a property.

It’s easy to take roll up shutters for granted because they provide an incredibly valuable service in residential and commercial use. Installing a roll up shutter by Canada Shutter Pros Inc. means:

Weather Protection

Shutters provide sunlight management and help you stay cool during the summer. And during the winter, they offer more insulation and prevent leaks.

Theft Protection

For commercial property, this is an essential benefit to consider. But for homeowners with patios, garages, and pool houses too.

Cost-Efficient Solution

Replacing your windows and doors with energy-efficient glass can be costly and might take a while before you see any ROI. Instead of cracking up the AC, consider roll up shutters as a cost-effective and environmentally conscious alternative.

Custom Made to Fit

Roll up shutters can complement the aesthetics of your home. It's easy to customize them and paint them in any colour you choose. Whether you need to cover the windows or change the garage door, outfitting your home or commercial space with roll up shutters is our job here at Canada Shutter Pros.